The little bunny blanket buddy


For this pattern and more, head over to my new site:!

For this pattern and more, head over to my new site:!

For this pattern and more, head over to my new site:!


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  2. Hi there, I’ve neve crocheted before but I saw this pattern and decided I’d make one for a friend’s baby. I’ve done the rabbit part but I cannot understand the blanket at all. Crochet experts probably understand but I don’t know where to start. Do I chain first? How many? Please help!

    • Hi! Sorry for your trouble trying to get it done. You’ve got me just in time to reply because I’m off travelling on Monday, but hopefully we can sort it out before then! Have you managed to finish the body of the rabbit and seamed it together? Those stitches (along with the extra 6 chains) will form the base of the blanket part. So it’s those 16 stitches that you double back on and start the row 1 of the blanket part on. The blanket starts out looking a bit wonky but straightens itself out. Hope that makes sense. If not, let me know. If I get time between packing I’ll try and do some photos- but you’ll have to let me know exactly which row of the pattern your stuck on and I’ll do my best to help. What would be really great is if you could send me a photo of how far you’ve got at

      • Hi again. Thanks so much for the reply. I got my mum to give me a hand in the end- I hadn’t realised you carried on from the body. Done 3 rabbits and a lion. Got a couple more to do. They’re great. Thanks for the pattern!

  3. I’m excited to try your buddy blanket(s) they are great! I like your blog too, especially the category section,very well done.

  4. Just a quick question. On the Arms section of the pattern, are the rows mislabeled or are a couple of rows missing? The rows go 1-5 then it skips to rows 8-10. The instructions as listed make sense but the gap in row numbers is causing me to question if it’s correct. Thanks!

      • Doing fine with it. Got the head, facial features and blanket done & the ears completed & attached. I’m not sure how to post a pic here but I will be posting it on my Facebook page & will definitely come back and leave you the link to the post. :0)

      • Uh, duh! I’m tired, we just spent time trekking through the zoo with our kids. I re-read your reply & saw the email address you left. Will email a pic when I finish. Hoping to finish this up tonight. I’m making it for my sister to give a friend at her baby shower later this month. I’m very happy with how it’s coming out! Thanks for the great pattern! :0)

      • You’re very welcome- I’m glad it’s going well. I find the hardest bit is giving it away! Chuckle. Please do send a photo if you get the chance, I’m hoping to make a reader’s collection 😀 Hope you’ve recovered from the zoo!

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